Phew! Kitten Safely Rescued From Ireland’s Busiest Roadway

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In a concerted effort, police and the media helped the DSPCA today when a frightened kitten was reported to be cowering by a road barrier on the M50, Dublin’s busiest motorway. “Freeway” is now safe and getting some calming rest with his rescuer Lisa, seen with him in the photo.

Passing motorists traveling Dublin’s M50 highway noticed a kitten cowering next to a barrier dividing traffic, reportedly frozen in fear, and phoned the DSPCA.  Lisa Kemp was dispatched to the scene but it was impossible for her to reach the kitten with traffic whizzing by, so local media issued pleas for motorists to cooperate and the Gardai, Ireland’s police,  came on the scene to direct and control traffic further so the rescue could be made.

Recounting the experience,  Lisa  said ‘Every time a car went by, he flattened his was obvious he was absolutely terrified. My heart was in my mouth, I couldn’t get to him. The traffic was going too fast, I kept fearing he would run and be hit. I could visualize it. We called  the Gardai  and while I waited for them to arrive I was just willing Freeway to stay put. The Gardai  were brilliant..traffic stopped. I ran with the cat basket and just grabbed him  and ran back’

This DSPCA video gives a good feel for what it was like for the kitten trapped out on the busy roadway:

Lisa took Freeway back to the DSPCA center in Rathfarnham and spent the afternoon with him, helping the exhausted kitten to relax after his ordeal. DSPCA says it will try to find Freeway’s family, if he has one, and, if not, will try to find him a new home.

It is unknown how the kitten came to be on the busy road; whether he wandered on during light traffic hours and became trapped, or was let out there on purpose. After a traumatic time and a dramatic rescue, he is safe now, thanks to the many people who helped. Thanks go to the motorists who called in to authorities, DSPCA, local media outlets who spread the word, cooperative motorists who slowed down and stayed out of the way when asked, and the Gardai; all of whom cooperated to help save a frightened kitten.

13 thoughts on “Phew! Kitten Safely Rescued From Ireland’s Busiest Roadway”

  1. He’s very lucky, it’s amazing he wasn’t mistaken for a dead animal.. just goes to show how many animal lovers there are in the world, all the motorists that seen him but couldn’t stop, rang for help, That’s a very busy road, lot’s of houses back onto it, I think somebody will be looking for him, hope he finds his way home.. here’s where a micro chip would save the day.

  2. @Kanili – I think he used more then one of his lives… that’s a high speed road.. poor baby, very lucky he stayed still.. he wouldn’t have made it through that traffic…bless him and his rescuers x

  3. It’s stories like this that we need more of. So glad to see that there are caring people in this world that seems to be so full of hate and apathy. 🙂

  4. – Thank you everyone!!! <3 Poor angel boo… I am so very grateful to caring people like this <3

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