Pets Have Olympic Bug

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Seems that everyone has been excited by the Olympics as demonstrated by so many pet antics posted online.  From running to gymnastics, these dogs and cats give the most elite athletes in the world a run for their money.  While they may not be in competitive form to vie for any medals, they do come up to scratch when it means offering a little entertainment. Perhaps something to amuse instead of commercials between heats.

First up, Roary, who is in preparation for his floor routine, complete with multiple somersaults.

Next up, this Bulldog has combined the sport of trampolining with road racing.  Brilliant.

Not to be outdone, these kittens are working on their sprints, clearly inspired by the sound of race cars.

Mademoiselle Coco is in the process of developing her uneven parallel bar routine which appears may need a bit more work.

And wrapping things up is the pup who may need to practice a bit more to that mount right.

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