Petmom Shares Joyous Reunion With Cat Brought From Remains Of Burned Out Building

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Elizabeth Schmidt and Satin were reunited today, three days after a terrible fire destroyed their St. Louis apartment building. Elizabeth adopted the formerly abused one eyed cat from a NYC shelter, and was overjoyed to have her back.

Satin was reunited with her mom, Elizabeth,  today after three long days of being trapped in the huge Midtown St. Louis apartment building that caught fire last Wednesday.

“She’s my miracle kitty,” said Elizabeth through tears. “She’s been through so much. She was abused before I adopted her and now she’s survived this. I believe we can get through anything.”

Missouri Humane Society animal cruelty investigators Tim Poorman and Laura Cordes set traps for Satin after an apartment building employee spotted her earlier in the week while helping Elizabeth to sort through her belongings in the burned out building. They caught the cat today, and the reunion took place at the Humane Society.

Like several other displaced tenants interviewed on the local news, Elizabeth and Satin had just recently moved into the building.

The newscaster mistakenly refers to the cat as “Satan”.

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