Petmom is Reunited with her Stolen Cat After 10 Years



The Seattle Animal Shelter reports that there were lots of tears at the shelter on Saturday – happy ones! – when a cat stolen 10 years ago was reunited with his petmom.

SAS shared the touching reunion photo that captured the happy moment at Facebook, writing:

“Meet Howie. His mom adopted him when he was a wee lad, and he was stolen near the Burke Gilman Trail about 10 years ago while his mom was on a trip to Spain. Howie was such a smart, friendly kitty, and it took his mom years of searching and crying before she finally adopted another cat.

“Fast forward to 2014. A few days ago someone found a stray cat and brought him to SAS. Staff scanned him for a microchip, found his old license record noting he’d been stolen long ago, and started making calls.

“Saturday, after 10 years of being apart, Howie’s mom opened his kennel door and let him sniff her. He immediately leaned in to be petted and was soon in her arms. Now he’s off to meet his kitty brother and live out his life with his family. Best wishes, Howie!”

Arlene Larsson was on hand and said: ” “Mom” was crying with joy, and she said the whole neighborhood was waiting for his return.”

SAS says this happy reunion is a great reminder of the power of pet identification via microchipping, licensing and nametags, and the shelter stresses the importance of keeping contact information up to date.



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