PETA Uses Caboodle Seizure in its Campaign to Defeat Florida’s Animal Rescue Act

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A message from the desk of Daphna Nachminovitch, VP of the Cruelty Investigations Department at PETA uses the high profile Caboodle seizure to smear rescuers and urge supporters to kill a bill that would help save the lives of shelter animals.

In an entirely unsurprising development, PETA is manipulating this week’s widely publicized raid to smear animal rescuers and urge its supporters, and those who may have stumbled onto its website this week, to defeat Florida’s Animal Rescue Act bill The Florida legislative session for 2012 is coming to a close, but there are still a few days remaining for bills to be passed into law.

A communication from Daphna Nachminovitch touting PETA’s role in the Caboodle seizure concludes with this:

“A dangerous bill is currently making its way through Florida’s legislature. Animal shelters would be forced to hand over animals to self-proclaimed, unregulated animal “rescues” like Caboodle if the misleading “Animal Rescue Act” (S.B. 818 and H.B. 597) becomes law. PETA is calling on the bill’s sponsors to withdraw the legislation. Please help us make sure that this happens by contacting legislators now.”

On the Action Alert posted to drum up opposition to the bill at its website, PETA says the Animal Rescue Act “would put homeless and unwanted animals at risk of being handed off to hoarders who pose as “rescues.”.”

The bill, in fact, “requir[es] any animal control agency or animal shelter that euthanizes animals to maintain a registry of animal rescue groups that are willing to accept animals that would otherwise be subject to euthanization; providing eligibility criteria for rescue groups and persons desiring to be on the euthanization registry; providing criteria under which an animal control agency or animal shelter may reject an applicant for the euthanization registry or remove a participant from the registry; requiring that certain specified information concerning an animal rescue group be included in the group’s application for inclusion on the euthanasia registry; authorizing an animal control agency or animal shelter to require a rescue group or person to provide specified data to the animal control agency or animal shelter each month;” It gives rescues access to shelter cats and dogs in danger of euthanization, and provides shelters with guidelines whereby rescuers can be vetted. Click here for the full text of the amended Senate version of the bill.

PETA is not the only organization to oppose the Animal Rescue Act. Among others, the Florida Animal Control Association opposes the act.

A Florida Animal Rescue Act site supporting the act answers opponents on its page, Debunking the Opposition.

See also; our post from January 23,  FL Animal Rescue Act Bill Advances: Will Save Lives If Passed.

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  1. how is it that The Cat House on the Kings makes it look so easy. she has over 700 cats and no problems…maybe because she isnt a HOARDER who doesnt neuter animals who come in there. she treats them with dignity and respect.

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