Pet Pantry Helps Those In Need

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The residents of Simi Valley, California welcome the services of a pet pantry to help residents in need provide food for their beloved animal companions.

Thanks to donations from Walmart, Do-It Center, local businesses, and individuals, Ventura County Animal Services has recently opened a pet pantry at their Simi Valley location. “We had so many donations at the Camarillo pantry that we decided to open this one,” said Rebecca Weaverling, an animal control officer who has worked at the Simi Valley shelter for the past 10 years.

The amount of food each person is given is based upon the amount and size of their pets. One recipient, Terry Banish, said, “This service is so terrific. I’m unemployed at this time and it makes a world of difference. The cats can’t quite tell whether I bought it or not, so they’re still appreciative,” Banish said, as he walked away with a pile of food and even some catnip.”

The pantry is open each Sunday from 10-11am (or until the food is gone).

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  1. We bring 40-50 pound bags and the food bank re-packages it into 5# bags. Nothing goes out intact with a bar code on it that can be returned to a store for a “refund”. Sad fact.

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