Pet Apps: Fun and Distraction at Home & Work!

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Seems every day there is a new app for this or a new app for that, but really, we all know, the only apps worth being concerned about have to do with pets.  Cats. Dogs. Elephants. It’s all about the pets. With that in mind, her are some new apps that are out and about for your fun, amusement, and ringtone so you can know when that special someone is calling.

How about setting your phone up right with wallpapers or pics of the day?  Check out Cat Wallpapers, Cute Puppy Pics, Cat Jigsaws or Dog Jigsaws, even animated Cat Gifs.  Probably the most fun are the ringtones, but if you want something action packed with each phone call you receive, try puRRing.  This app will announce your incoming calls with a short video clip of a cat in action. What could be better? A phone call AND a cat!

If you are a pet lover and perhaps in a situation that does not permit for animals, how about a virtual pet?  Look at Daily Kitten , Shibo Dog, or My Virtual Pet Shop as a way to keep your pet with you at all times with no one being the wiser.  Unless you have the sound up on your phone.  You may want to opt for silent. Another option for a quick fix is Tickling Cat or Tickling Dog, perfect for when you need a quick pet pick-me-up! Now just because your company doesn’t allow dogs to come to work, you can still feel like they are right there.

Want to be a dog? Dog Simulator will let you live a dog’s life whenever you want.  There’s Cat Simulator, too, just so no one feels left out and you can get your animal on.

These and a variety of other apps are available at Google Play.  Type in dog or cat and begin searching for all variety of pet-based entertainment you can have right in the palm of your hand.  Afterall, who doesn’t want to show the person in the cubicle next to them the cute thing you just trained your virtual pet to do?


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