Persian Cat’s Reaction to the Cone of Shame Goes Viral

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Image source: Jean Baker
Image source: Jean Baker

A Persian cat named Albert is now internet-famous, thanks to his hilarious reaction to being made to wear the infamous “cone of shame.”

Albert had a minor surgery – a cyst removal – which necessitated that his body was shaved. It also meant that he would have to wear an e-collar to keep him from pulling out his stitches. His owner, Jean Baker of Portland, Oregon, captured Albert’s reaction to the come at home as he tried to lick inside the cone. His clear displeasure, paired with his unusual shaved appearance, made for some very unusual photos.

Baker sent the photo to a coworker, who shared in on Facebook. The photo was also posted to Imgur, where it got more than 1.8 million views.

Many pets have to wear e-collars after surgeries or when receiving stitches. The collars physically prevent the pets from licking or chewing their wounds. Frequently licking a wound can slow its healing and lead to infection, and if a pet pulls his stitches out too early, he will need a return trip to the vet to put them back in. Unfortunately, most pets detest the cone of shame.

Don’t worry – Albert didn’t have to suffer the cone of shame for long. Now he is wearing a “recovery suit” – a protective jacket which keeps him from being able to access the wound.

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  1. Oh the horrors! Not only the cone of shame, but the lion clip! How mortifying! I will make my person pay! (Note to person: you’ll have to sleep with one eye open for a long time…) 😀

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