Permit Request by Craig Grant Postpones Caboodle Ranch Cats Custody Hearing

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Craig Grant and his attorney have requested that this Wednesday’s hearing to determine custody of the 691 seized Caboodle Ranch cats be postponed as he seeks a permit to upgrade the facility. Grant’s arraignment on animal cruelty and scheme to defraud charges remains set for tomorrow.

The fate of the Caboodle Ranch cats remains on hold as the court hearing on their custody is postponed from this Wednesday, April 4 to a yet unspecified time. The cats are housed in a special facility in Jacksonville, FL while their ownership and custody status remains in limbo. If not returned to Grant, they will remain in the custory of Madison county until they can be released for adoption and for transfer to other shelters. Former owners have been invited, and assisted, in reclaiming their own cats. Those owners can call a hotline at 866-816-4804 or send email to [email protected]

Craig Grant has requested a permit to upgrade his cat sanctuary before he asks a judge to return the 691 seized Caboodle Ranch Sanctuary cats to his custody. That permit request has been cited in Grant’s request to postpone the custody hearing.

According to a report on that provides details on the current state of the custody issue and criminal case, Grant’s attorney David Collins said Grant will plead not guilty and request a jury trail at his arraignment on the fraud and cruelty charges. Also according to that report, the burden of proof on the cruelty charges will lie with the ASPCA.

For related stories, click here. Our previous stories have received numerous comments, with supporters and detractors of Craig Grant and Caboodle Ranch taking positions as far apart and mutually contemptuous of one another as is conceivable. The sanctuary has been described variously as a paradise and a Hell hole, depending on who is giving their version of the state of affairs at the Ranch.




8 thoughts on “Permit Request by Craig Grant Postpones Caboodle Ranch Cats Custody Hearing”

  1. he is stalling. he should never be able to keep cats again. many of the animals were not only in pain for not having been treated but were starving!!! how scary is this man. he not only refuses to get his cats spayed and neutered but does not keep good accounts of his animals… the films from his places made me cry they were so sad.
    the Humane society should really go after him. he is a hoarder. that is all he is….

  2. he should never be allowed to own cats again. how is it that linha with her 700 cats have nothing like this happening to them? how… he is a hoarder nothing less….

  3. Dolores, trust me I hate Peta. Hate hate hate, I’ve tried to make my own website to educate ppl about what they do but end up throwing things instead every time I try bc I get so upset.

    So while I agree with you on that, have you seen some of the video that came out of that place? I think Craig had the best of intentions but some of those animals where sick and even deformed because they weren’t getting the care they needed. Just curious as to the responce you guys seem to be getting as far as that aspect of it?

  4. @delores: how can you say that the films that came out of there are ok? cats with tons of snot coming out of their noses. such bad resperatory ailments.maybe he finally got to the fact that he couldnt deal with all of them but if you do not use TNR cats will get out of hand. this is the same problem with hoarding..there is a time where you just have to say “enough is enough” cant take anymore cats.I will never vote to let him have cats again. he obviously just cant handle them. so many babies in pain and why would you want to start that hell hole back up again…and if you dont spay or neuter well you are basically ignorant. sorry

  5. I really don’t know who to believe. But I do have a question. If cats were starving and dying, why did it take so long for PETA’s spies to blow the whistle?

  6. Good question, Sue. I got an email today from someone volunteering at the facility where they are being kept. I hope to hear back from her with some sort of idea on their condition if she is able to speak without violating any gag due to the court case.

    I do know they’re being cared for. It would be nice to learn that many had been helped and restored to health, wouldn’t it?

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