Perdy and Buddy at the Door

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The cutest part is at the very end.

7 thoughts on “Perdy and Buddy at the Door”

  1. Was it just my imagination, or the was the bird “screaming” from surprise a couple times when the cat would do that?

  2. How cute. I wonder if they play like that all the time. It looks like the bird and the cat are great friends.

  3. This is super cute, but remember, birds and cats playing together is always a risk. Most birds can hold their own and plumage will protect them, but one scratch or bite that breaks the skin and the bird can die very quickly without antibiotics from toxoplasmosis, and rarely show signs until it’s too late. If bitten or scratched by a cat (that draws blood) a bird needs Baytrill (or another antibiotic) within 8 hours, ideally, whether it seems “just shocked” or not. And yes, I have a bird and a cat. 🙂

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