Penny’s Rescue

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A scared and wet kitty was brought to safety from her precarious perch up a tree Sunday night by a rescuer with the perfect skill set – being an expert climber and a true cat whisperer.

Penny was rescued by Canopy Cat Rescue in Seattle, Washington on the night of November 2.

The scared and wet little cat was meowing for help in the dark from high up in a fairly skinny tree and, though frightened, she gratefully accepted her rescuer’s gentle attentions when he reached her on the tiny branch where she stood.

Penny allowed herself to be picked up off the branch and cuddled to her rescuer’s chest, then went willingly into the “cat bag” so she could be safely taken back down to the ground.

Penny’s rescuer spoke softly to her, saying: “This is our cat bag, ok? This is where all the relaxed kitties go,” before Penny entered the bag.

Penny’s petmom was there at the bottom of the tree to take the kitty from her rescuer and give her reassurances.

The rescue was captured on helmet-cam video.

Canopy Cat Rescue‘s Shaun Sears and Tom Otto have the perfect combination of skill sets for the job; expert climbing skills and the abilities of true cat whisperers.

Shaun posted a photo of Penny and himself at Facebook on Monday and wrote: “Late last night, we got called to rescue Penny in Seattle. She was stuck about 20ft up a fir tree for only a few hours, but her concerned owner did not want her to spend a cold, wet night in the tree. I climbed up to her, she immediately knew I was her ride-down, and came right over to me.”



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