Peggy the Christmas Miracle Kitten

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A little kitten named Peggy is being called a Christmas miracle kitty after getting help to survive and recover from injuries sustained when she was attacked by a dog.

Peggy was rescued following the attack by some caring people who took her to Burke Animal Clinic, in Morganton, North Carolina. Staff at the clinic have lovingly tended to the severely injured kitten and have her on the mend.

Burke Animal Clinic employee Gina Barrier told Peggy’s story, in a very touching rendition the shows her caregivers’ compassion, at the clinic’s Facebook page on December 17.  When members of the public were inspired to contribute to the cause, the clinic set up a charity fund called “Peggy’s Fund” to help what they’re calling “future Peggys,” animals in need of help. Burke Animal Clinic Practice Manager Nan McMahon asks donors to contact her directly.

According to a story in the News Herald, Gina Barrier has become so fond of Peggy she is adopting her.


Peggy’s Story:

Throughout the frigid, rainy night she cried from the shrubs for help, but scurried away each time it was offered. Finally in the light of day the loving people who cared enough to look for her found the pathetic creature. A tiny handful of kitten attacked by a dog, one foot chewed off completely, bone exposed, and internally jumbled with organs compressed into her chest cavity making every breath a full body chore. How she escaped her attacker or survived the night is unfathomable.

The very caring people who found the kitten brought her to Burke Animal Clinic seeking help. Weighing only 2.4# and having sustained such severe injuries her prognosis was dire, but as we found no match for her unbelievable will to live. Before surgery could be performed, several days of antibiotics were necessary so there was a chance she could survive anesthesia.

Finally the kitten underwent the first surgery to repair her internal injuries and relieve the pressure on her lungs. Dr. Reames, with over thirty years of veterinary experience, made it clear that the kitten’s chances were 50/50 and we would have to breathe for the tiny kitten very carefully during the long, arduous procedure. There was no margin for error and it would be a miracle if the kitten survived all the work required to put her back together and actually begin to breathe on her own again.

In addition the rear leg with a bone jutting out where a furry little foot should be was broken and infected. This would require another surgery if she survived the first but her body temperature became so dangerously low during the first procedure that amputation had to be postponed.

We held our breaths and said little prayers to ourselves as we waited for her to start breathing on her own again. Suddenly she took a breath and with a small sigh of relief we began cleaning and attempting to warm her back up. Taking turns carrying her around swaddled in a blanket, she was warm and ready to eat by the afternoon.

Three days passed as we observed this tiny kitten get stronger and maintain such a will to live and appreciation of the care she was receiving. Even medicating her aroused such loving purrs of gratitude that she has permanently endeared herself to the staff.

Finally the day came the rear leg could be removed. We were equal parts concerned about anesthetizing this fragile creature again and excited to get her closer to full recovery. She had overcome the abdominal surgery as well as possibly could have been hoped and came through the amputation even friskier than before.

Currently she is scampering around with over 20 staples in her tiny body that she has taken no notice of. Receiving medication five times daily and eating voraciously! She loves to sit in your lap or be in your arms but really does not seem thrilled with the Christmas sweater I put on her. Fortunately she can wiggle out of it in a flash.

Peggy, as she’s been named, truly is a Christmas miracle and a beautiful example of what caring hearts can accomplish and brave hearts, even when tiny, can overcome.


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