Paws for Japan: What if It Were Your Cat?

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What if the rescued cat were yours?

Pets are being rescued from the disaster zones every day and thank goodness World Vets is there to help with the recovery and aid process for those helpless victims. It’s simple math: more pets rescued = more possibilities of pets reunited with owners. Those efforts require time and funding.

Today the online pet community, supported by BlogPaws Be the Change for Pets, is spreading the word about Paws for Japan, who is featuring the life-saving work of World Vets. World Vets is already on the ground in Japan, coordinating with their rescue organizations to make sure these pets are found, medically examined and treated, and hopefully reunited with their families.

You can help World Vets continue their extraordinarily important mission. Make a donation in any amount via the ChipIn widget located at the bottom of this post. Seriously — any amount will make a difference. If you are a blogger, add your name to the blog hop attached to this post — just follow the instructions. As you can see by the number of names already listed on the blog hop, the online community is really rallying together for this crucial cause.

Thank you in advance for joining Life With Cats in support of World Vets. And, if just for a second, you question whether or not you will participate, just ask yourself this question:  What if the rescued cat were mine?

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