2 thoughts on “Pat the Cat”

  1. Not to be posted.
    I went to the chip in site to donate for Trooper (poor kitty). My computer said the security for the page was either expired, not set up yet, or?
    Darn-that’s so easy. Now I have to look for a way to donate? Do you guys have any suggestions-I hope?
    Donna Lusthoff

  2. Hi Donna, The chipin page was working the other day. I’ll check into it and see if I can learn anything. The last I knew Trooper was either scheduled for his surgery or having the surgery. I would be surprised if they shut the chipin down, though it had nearly reached its goal when we published the story, and some people cut them off when they meet their goal amount. I figured they might accept additional donations to help the other kitties the group rescues or to provide for medical followup for Trooper, the poor darling. Gwen Samms is awesome. Did you see her on the tv features?

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