6 thoughts on “Panther & The Visitor”

  1. I’m sure your visitor was a Maine Coon, which is probably why he was so nosey and friendly, to both you and Panther – too bad Panther didn’t feel the same way! I hope the visitor has his own home, tho’ he certainly looked too well-nourished and relaxed to be a stray. Would be interesting to know if he comes around again tho’ – please keep Panther’s fans posted!!

  2. We haven’t seen the orange fur ball since and hope he is snuggled up in a nice home somewhere with good people. We will definitely keep you posted, thanks for watching.

  3. Blackie wanders about our backyard with two dog guardians who chase racoons, other cats and such away but leave her alone. Inside they tolerate her rubbing and licking on them.

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