Paisley’s Hope

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Paisley and Rose (3)

There is nothing more difficult than having to deal with the illness of a pet, particularly if they have been as much of a savior for you as it has for them.

Rosie is going through that exact situation right now.  Her cat, Paisley, is 3 years old and  has been with Rosie since she was two months old where she had taken her off the street.  Paisley was unusually tiny, but wanting to be a responsible pet owner, Rosie got her all fixed up and chipped.  It was also discovered at that time Paisley had some problems with abnormalities to the nerves in the throat, but it has never been an issue.  At least it wasn’t one until the last time she had her checked out.

Paisley was not eating or drinking very much, so Rosie took action and found out that she has a tumor in her throat.

Rosie is a student in Atlanta, Georgia, attending Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD).  As a student, she doesn’t have much in the way of extra funds to cover the surgery it will take to remove the tumor.  She does have pet insurance for Paisley, but they will only pay a small amount toward the procedure. She has tried to get a loan with no success, being a young student who is still building her credit, so she has turned to GoFundMe as a last resort.

Paisley and Rose (1)

Rosie confessed that she has lived in Atlanta for her entire life, but that hasn’t kept her from being lonely.  Paisley coming into her life has meant the world and she is scared to lose her beloved pet.

Dealing with a sick pet is heartbreak for anyone and the loss can be devastating.  Rosie’s story is surely not unique, but she is trying every avenue to save Paisley.  For more information about Rosie and Paisley, please visit

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