Kittens Without Eyelids to Receive Sight-Saving Surgery

  Three little kittens, born without eyelids, were found abandoned in September. Now they have received a special surgery to save their sight. A trio in danger of losing their sight “Marie,” “Berlioz” and “Toulouse,” were initially taken to Randolph Animal Hospital where they were diagnosed with eyelid agenesi. The disease is a rare congenital condition. Staff members … Read more

Feline Struts its Stuff During Fashion Show Down Catwalk

There’s a reason it’s called a catwalk and this is one fashion cat that proves it. A catwalk by definition The Collins English Dictionary says the following: catwalk noun a narrow ramp extending from the stage into the audience in a theatre, nightclub, etc, esp as used bymodels in a fashion show a narrow pathway over the stage of a theatre, along a bridge, etc And gives the word origin and history for the term catwalk as first noted in 1885 and describing it as: “long, narrow footway,” from cat (n.) … Read more