Oz the cat has map of Australia on her nose

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Aussie cat OZ has a marking in the shape of Australia across her nose.

The young cat attended a cat show that was part of the the Royal Easter agricultural show event in Sydney over the weekend, where she got a lot of attention for her distinctive marking.

“Oz was on display yesterday and we all just thought ‘Wow, this is the most amazing cat we have ever seen,’ volunteer vet Dr. Anne Fawcett, from www.smallanimaltalk.com, said.

“I have seen my fair share of love hearts on puppies and cats and a few Hitler moustaches but never a map of a country before, and this one even comes complete with Tasmania!”

“Oz didn’t come away with any prizes on Sunday but she certainly had lots of admiration because of her markings. I was really surprised by the reaction,” owner Deb Nugent told news.com.au, where Dr. Fawcett is also quoted.

Dr. Fawcett complimented Oz’ “beautiful” nature, and told the Daily Mail Australia: “Oz has the look and the temperament to match. She is a real sweetheart.”

Oz, whose actual name is Siajavi Paiwen, turns 2 in early April.

Her petmom says she will likely bring her back to the show later this week to meet with the public again.




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