Owner Uses 3D Printer to Create Wheelchair For Cat Injured In Six Story Fall

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Image source: Sunday Morning Herald
Image source: Sunday Morning Herald

3D printing technology has come to the aid of yet another cat – only this time, it was the cat’s owner who put the technology to use.

Mozart, a Birman cat, fell from a sixth-story balcony and broke six bones in his back feet. All told, he was a very lucky cat that his injuries weren’t worse. Mozart’s owners, Martin and Elodie Orliac, puzzled over how to keep the cat comfortable and mobile while he recovered from his injuries. They realized that a wheelchair would be the best option, and Martin began researching cases where wheelchairs had been created for cats via 3D printer.

Martin found a story about a man in Israel who had created a wheelchair for his cat, and the design files were available online. But the Orliacs still had a problem to overcome – they didn’t have access to a printer.

Mozart’s accident occurred just before Christmas, and many businesses were closed. Thankfully, Martin’s friend, Joshua Flannery, came to the rescue. Flannery oversees the University of New South Wales’ Student Entrepreneur Development Program. He reached out through the program’s Facebook group, explaining the situation and asking if any students would be available to help with the wheelchair’s creation over the break. Three or four students quickly offered up their assistance.

A student used his own 3D printer to create the wheelchair components, and Martin assembled the chair and tailored its fit to Mozart. Mozart is now recovering well and is able to get around, thanks to his unique wheelchair and the efforts of his owners.

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