Oskar the Blind Kitten & Klaus: Feline Bromance in Omaha

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Oskar and Klaus are, by now, a couple of very famous kitties, having become widely known after their videos went big.

The cats’ petparents say: Oskar and Klaus have become inseparable. They spend all day either cuddled up together sleeping, or playing together, or eating out of the same bowl. If you want a cat to lay on your lap, you better be ready to take two. It’s all very cute actually and we are so happy that Klaus has accepted Oskar! In these clips from December of 2011, Oskar is 7 months old and Klaus is around 8 years old (we are not really sure since he was adopted as an adult). As a bit of background info, Oskar was born completely blind (his eyes never developed) and Klaus’ right ear was damaged when he was a stray.

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