Oskar the Blind Kitten and the Christmas Tree

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Oskar, the now famous blind kitten, proves that even a specially abled kitty can be an adorable pain when it’s time to put up the Christmas tree.

The 7 month old is familiar to millions of viewers thanks to his two most popular earlier videos, Oskar the Blind Kitten Plays With His New Toys and Cat vs Hairdryer.


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  1. I am so glad that Oskar and Klaus have such a loving family. That lady was so cute with him. Happy Holidays to you and family Oskar.

  2. This is a priceless video. Seeing Oskar “helping” put up the tree and not getting in trouble is great! Time and again the lady had to start over until finally the tree was up. After a nap Oskar played with it again and broke the support so the tree wouldn’t stand up. Oskar is a great cat! Thank you!

  3. I know your pain, I gave up on the tree too, all because of a grey cat. I love him dearly but generally threaten him once a week due to his mischievous behavior. None of the other cats get into half the mischievousness as Atticus.

  4. Laugh!!!Boy i laughed when i watched this ,Oskar caused more havoc with that tree than most children would.Just loved this he is such a little tyke.

  5. I laughed and giggled cause it reminds me of when i got my fur babies,they did the same thing, so i ended up buying non breakable balls for the tree. Its fun tho to watch them playing in the tree. After a few years he’ll get us to it,maybe. Have awonderful holiday season. Oskar is a very beautiful cat looks like a bengal cat. His blindness is not affecting him in anyway. Hugs and purrs and headbonks to that family for giving him a fur ever home. All cats deserve that no matter what their health issue is

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