Oscar’s Story: Update on Kitten Recovering from Paralysis Following Neuter Surgery

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Following our February 20 story, Kitten Paralyzed Following Neuter Surgery Walks Again, we heard from several animal lovers wanting to know more or get updates on little Oscar, the kitten who came out of his neuter surgery paralyzed and was learning to walk again.

Los Angeles, CA animal lover and Kitten Rescue supporter Belinda Berdes has been helping Oscar. Belinda posted several videos documenting Oscar’s condition and progress and started a fundraiser page to help pay for specialist medical care to get to the root of the problem and help him to move and walk again.  The fundraiser was closed to donations after the desired amount was raised for Oscar’s specialist vet consultation and care.

Belinda’s final update at the fundraising page says: “OSCAR UPDATE 2/20 – Oscar has been taken in by Kitten Rescue, a 501c3 nonprofit here in Los Angeles! We’re grateful because although he’s made and is making great progress he may need professional physical therapy and more vet follow-ups. Also, Kitten Rescue requires that all foster kitties come back to them if an adopter has to return. This ensures that Oscar has a safe place for the rest of his life.”

(Please see the earlier post for details and for several videos with Oscar, ending with one where he begins to walk again.)

Kitten Rescue LA uploaded a video today that recaps Oscar’s story and gives the updates many have waited for.

Kitten Rescue learned that Oscar came out of his neuter surgery paralyzed because of oxygen deprivation that caused brain damage. He is making excellent progress with the help of physical therapy, and Kitten rescue is confident that he will make a full recovery.

Oscar’s Story:

Team Kitten Rescue in the 2014 Asics LA Marathon crowdrise fundraising page



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