Woman Gives Gift of Free Adoptions, Shelter Empties

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(Front Street Animal Shelter)

The line outside Front Street Animal Shelter in Sacramento wrapped around the block. Some had been camping out. All of them were waiting to adopt a dog or cat at no cost, thanks to a free adoption event good through Dec. 31.

(Front Street Animal Shelter)

One woman made it possible by paying for what it cost to waive all adoption fees, $65 per cat and $85 per dog–covering shots, neutering and microchipping, according to an article by Duncan Strauss in The Washington Post. The tab could run $20,000 or more.

That woman is Sacramento real estate agent Kim Pacini-Hauch, who visited the shelter and met with Gina Knepp, the shelter’s director.
“I truly was shocked,” said Pacini-Hauch, a lifelong animal lover told the Washington Post. “Think of putting almost 1,000 animals in one spot, and looking at 2,000 eyeballs, and tell me how you would feel if you saw that all in one location. And that’s what was going through my mind.

(Front Street Animal Shelter)

“And then I said, ‘I want to sponsor to empty the shelter. What do we need to do?’ It happened just that fast.” All those adopting were required to go through the same vetting process as people who pay adoption fees.

Pacini-Hauch and Knepp took photos to promote its “Home For The Pawlidays” campaign. Someone pulled out an iPhone and shot a 38-second video and posted it on Front Street Facebook page. More than 2 million people viewed it in less than 24 hours, according to the Washington Post. One man, seen here, came in and adopted two barn cats.

(Front Street Animal Shelter)

Pacini-Hauch’s generosity inspired others. A Secret Santa in the Tampa Bay area pledged $2,000 to cover 100 adoptions for just $20 . The benefactor was influenced by Pacini-Hauch. By the time Santa’s donation ran out, the Pet Resource Center said, 126 pets had been adopted.

(Front Street Animal Shelter)

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