On Top of the World With Adventure Cat

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He used to be homeless, but now he’s on top of the world. Burma the adventure cat has climbed the Grand Tetons and left his paw prints on snowy peaks across the country. He’s the ultimate free spirit. His latest YouTube video shows him gazing out over a windswept vista cloaked in clouds. Stephen uses special backpacks, a harness and leash for safety, and says Burma’s lifestyle is unique and not for just anyone.

Burma has fans all over the world. Stephen talks about his life with Burma and Puppi in his YouTube videos and was featured in a recent article in the Daily Mail. “Running and climbing mountains had become an escape  and something I needed, something that was good for me,” he told the Daily Mail. “Burma doesn’t seem to know the difference between the top of a 14,000 foot steep summit and a more common place, like a simple trail through the forest.” Burma has not let his celebrity go to his head, however, and just seems to be enjoying himself. He’s a classic tuxedo cat who looks terrific everywhere he treks.

2D96EBC000000578-3281012-The_cat_pictured_on_Cascade_volcano_in_Oregon_doesn_t_know_the_d-a-21_1445349647806There’s a serious side to their adventurous lifestyle. Stephen suffers from post traumatic stress syndrome and had a hard time dealing with everyday life after coming back from a tour of duty in Iraq. “If I’m going to be sad, I’m going to be downright sad,” he explains on a YouTube video made for Purina. “If I’m going to be happy, I’m going to be euphoric—there’s no in-between.”

He finds solace in empty places and consolation in Burma and Puppi’s steadfast love. Together, Stephen, Burma and Puppi make every day count. “I am thankful that I have my pets to be with me, and that I’m not alone.”

The rest of us are thankful as well, and can feel good about checking in on them as they explore nature’s wonders.


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