Olly, the Sainsbury’s Supermarket Cat

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Olly guards the packaged meats at Sainsbury’s supermarket in Brockley, UK (Photo: Nigel Thornberry)

Seems that Cecil, the Grocery Cat, is in good company.

Olly, who has newly returned following a two month hiatus from the Sainsbury supermarket in Brockley, south London, is being cheered on for his return by customers and staff alike.  However, Sainsbury has stated that Olly is a “health and safety risk,” according to an online article at independent.co.uk

Still, like his American counterpart, Olly, whose owner Adam Oliver states is six years old with a blue-colored brother and lives in close proximity to the shop, he has a fan following.  Comments about his reappearance have cropped up on the I Love SE4 – Brockley, Ladywell, Crofton Park & Telegraph Hill Facebook page. He also is slick enough to get back security who had taken him out of the store.

It does make one beg the question as to how many markets are out there may have their own personal Cecil or Olly, but are keeping it quiet to thwart their parent companies.  Perhaps it is best not to even ask.

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