Ohio Cat Sneaks into Luggage for Disney World Trip

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Ethel Maze and her daughter Rebecca Maze talk about how Bob-bob the cat traveled from Circleville, OH to Orlando, FL on Monday, in the video below.

Ethel takes the disabled veterans living at Maze Residential Care Home to the Disney tourist attraction every year. The group of 18 disabled veterans and volunteers traveled with an unexpected addition to their number this year when 14 month old Bob-bob the cat joined them. The group’s designated baggage handler later said he’d seen one of the bags move before being loaded out, but he’d dismissed it in the flurry of preparations.

Ten hours after leaving home, Ether unzipped her bag at her hotel and was stunned to see Bob-bob inside. After an initial shock when she feared for his life, she was relieved to see the cat perk up. Bob-bob was initially affectionate before showing himself to be a bit disturbed by his strange experience. The woman planned to take Bob-bob to a vet for rehydration, if necessary, and for a checkup.

Ether wonders how Bob-bob made it through security scanners at Port Columbus International Airport but a TSA security spokeswoman said the equipment looks for particular types of threats. Bob-bob apparently poses no threat exept, perhaps, to himself.

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