Ohagi Diary #3: A Kitten Learns, Plays and Grows

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Here is the third installment in the video series chronicling the life of delightful video star Ohagi. In addition to documenting her cute antics and clever tricks, the videographer has made a series on Ohagi’s life and growth from tiny baby to maturing, confident kitten taking her place alongside the family’s other cats.

We have included a link to our post with Ohagi diaries #1 and #2, Ohagi Diary and Ohagi Diary 2: A Kitten Grows

Ohagi was a “he” for quite some time, until the vet informed that family that their kitten was a girl, so you will see her referred to as a he in earlier videos.

Click her for our index of Ohagi videos.

3 thoughts on “Ohagi Diary #3: A Kitten Learns, Plays and Grows”

  1. OMG!!! What a gorgeous little tyke Ohagi is, these videos are just amazing,beautiful and truly how a cats life should be.What a little cutie sooo sweet i just wanna pick her up and smooch this is tooo cute !!!! Loved every minute of her mischief loooved it awwww !!!

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