Officers rescue litter of kittens from impounded car

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A litter of kittens are in foster care after Pennsylvania State Police troopers found them in a car that had been impounded as evidence.

The law enforcement officers found the litter of seven kittens when they searched a vehicle at their impound lot in Wyoming, PA. Mama kitty was not on hand with her days-old babies and efforts to find her have not been successful.

The kittens have been taken in by Blue Chip Farm Animal Refuge in Dallas, PA and, according to a story at WNEP, are being fostered by volunteers Maryjo Engleman and Sharon Lukasavage, each of whom have taken some of the kittens and are keeping busy caring for them around-the-clock.

Blue Chip’s website says Maryjo is caring for all of the kittens, but that may have been as earlier report.

“It’s hard when they’re this little because you’re basically their mom. You have to feed them every two hours. You have to do everything a mom cat would do,” said Maryjo.

“It’s tiring but it is rewarding. It’s nice to give them a chance that they wouldn’t have had otherwise,” Sharon told WNEP. “You do shed a tear when they go to a new home, but it’s nice that they have a fighting chance.”

The Blue Chip volunteers hope the kittens all survive and say they will be spayed and neutered before finding good homes.

“A kitten can be going into heat at four months old and it’s just an ongoing process. This is kitten season; it’s a shelter’s worst nightmare. It’s not just Blue Chip, it’s every shelter, every SPCA. We’re overloaded,” Maryjo said.


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