Officers rescue kitten from highway sign

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Two scared, starving kittens were rescued by police officers when one was spotted perched atop a road sign.

Mountain Home, Idaho police officers already busy dealing with heavy traffic as festivalgoers headed to their destination Friday took time out to rescue the two kittens from the side of the roadway.

One kitten was perched in the hot sun atop a speed limit sign, with its sibling nearby. Had the kitten not been visible sitting on the sign, the pair, who were clearly in distress, might not have been noticed and rescued in time. They are recuperating at the local shelter.

The Mountain Home Police department shared the rescue story at Facebook, writing: “Even with all the craziness yesterday [with increased traffic volume due to a festival ], Officers Robert Elom, Josh Martinez, and Reserve Officer Annette Bigalow managed to rescue this kitten who was stuck on the top of a speed limit sign… Thank you to the kind citizens who cared enough to stop and help the officers save this kitten along with its brother… They were dehydrated, malnourished, and scared… Our animal shelter came and took them… The safety of our animals is important to us and we will not turn away from those that are in danger or in need… .”

KTVB reported on the story, adding that the officers stopped to help when they saw someone pulled to the side of the road trying to save the kitten on the sign.

“That poor thing was gasping for air,” Mountain Home public information officer Melanie Broughton is quoted saying by KTVB, noting that it is not known how long the kittens were exposed to the extreme heat.






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