Officer Stops Bus, Speeding Cars From Running Over Kitten

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A cool and collected motorcycle cop used his whistle to slow speeding cars and stop a bus that was about to run over a tiny kitten lying in the center lane of one of Lima’s busiest thoroughfares. The woman who pulled over her car when she saw the helpless kitten got out her phone and recorded the dramatic rescue that took place earlier this month, and which is being watched by people all over the world.

Lorena Castro said she was on her way into the city center of Lima, Peru on February 6 when she spotted the tiny orange-and-white kitten in the highway and stopped her car to try to intervene and save the kitten, according to the Peruvian newspaper, El Comercio. “I was about to get out of the car to pick her up when the motorcycle cop passed by,” Castro said. “[He said,] ‘Stay in the car. I’ll take care of it.’”

Castro used her camera to record the officer as he uses his whistle and raises a commanding hand to stop a bus that is about to run over the kitten. The officer is seen collecting the kitten and striding calmly back across another lane of speeding traffic so he can hand the kitten to Castro, who wanted to give him some money to thank him. However, the anonymous officer refused and went back to work, according to news reports in El Comercio and

This is the tiny kitten that was saved by a police officer and taken home by passerby Lorena Castro. Castro named the kitten Polly Tana. (Picture: Newsner/Lorena Castro)

Castro took the kitten home and named her Polly Tana after the city’s Metropolitano bus line. Polly is doing well, as seen here in these photos from her Facebook page, which were published by

Polly on green grass in her new home. (Picture: Newsner/Lorena Castro)


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