Officer poses with kitten rescued from traffic

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officer hazen rescues kitten

Olympia, Washington police officer Hazen rescued a beautiful kitten thrown into traffic by “insensitive young men” and posed for this cute pic that the police department posted to Instagram on June 25.

The kitten was taken to Olympia Animal Services, where it has been kept on stray hold before being made available for adoption. Several local residents have contacted the shelter asking to adopt the kitten after the stray hold expires.

One online commenter summed up the general sentiment, saying: “Thanks officer Hazen for having a kind heart and caring about this sweet kitten .”

2 thoughts on “Officer poses with kitten rescued from traffic”

  1. Someone must know who those sick creeps are…..Thank God for Officer Hazen, and I pray this gorgeous kitten gets a loving forever indoor home. this was a horrible sick act on an innocent animal and those evil creeps deserve punishment.

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