Obese Texas rescue cat wins the battle of the bulge

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Dr. Barton holds Skinny


A Texas cat whose story we’ve touched on several times has finally won the battle of the bulge and has lost more than 20 pounds.

Skinny, the obese cat who weighed 41 (or 42) pounds when he came to a Dallas area shelter in 2012, has lost more than half his body weight and now weighs a healthy 19 pounds.

Skinny was classified as a stray when he was brought to the Richardson Animal Shelter in Richardson, Texas on September 13, 2012 after being found lying on the lawn of a woman’s fenced and gated back yard. While incredibly large, he looked clean and cared-for, and he seemed like he must have been missing someone and the home and the life he’d once known.

When a week passed without anyone calling to claim him, Skinny was sent to the East Lake Pet Orphanage/Pet Hospital in east Dallas, where he received care with Dr. Brittney Barton. He began to lose weight and began an exercise plan.

Dr. Barton started her own practice, HEAL Veterinary Hospital, and adopted Skinny. Skinny spends his weekends with Dr. Barton and her family, at home, but on weekdays HEAL’s very popular mascot and resident cat can be found roaming the clinic’s halls.

Skinny is in the news this week after having his annual checkup, being deemed healthy, and weighing in at a relatively svelte 19 pounds. His large frame helps him to carry that much weight without it affecting his health.

Dr. Barton says Skinny is living proof that while he’s supposed to be a large cat, “he’s not supposed to be an obese cat.”

Skinny dropped the weight with a special, controlled diet and an exercise plan.



Skinny in a recent photo


Skinny in 2012
Skinny in September of 2012


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