NYC Subway Motorman Saves Kitten With Head In Chips Bag From Tracks

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The Daily News reported today that subway train driver John Ross rescued a kitten from a potentially disastrous fate earlier this week. The motorman was leaving the Brooklyn Botanical Garden station on Tuesday morning when he spotted the kitten lying on the tracks with its head caught in a Sun Chips bag. Ross told passengers he needed to move something from the tracks, then carefully approached the animal and removed the bag from its head. Ross is quoted in the Daily News saying of the cat, “He looked at me for a minute like, ‘Wow, I don’t know where I’ve been,’ after getting his head free from the little bag. Afterward, “He took off like a bandit,” Ross said. “He seemed to be fine.”

Mr. Ross is also highly regarded for his bravery during an incident in 2009 when he was riding off duty and subdued an out of control man with a knife who stabbed someone on the train.

Photo John Ross

9 thoughts on “NYC Subway Motorman Saves Kitten With Head In Chips Bag From Tracks”

  1. Thanks so much – so many would NOT have helped the ppor thing – humanity advances only as it becomes more humane

  2. Wonderful actions on the part of Mr. Ross!
    This is not the first time I’ve heard of a cat with its head stuck in a potato chip bag. My local veterinarian and his wife rescued a cat who was standing at the edge of the expressway with his head in a potato chip bag. They took him home, named him “Chip” and he lived with them for the rest of his life.

  3. Mr. Rossi, you are a true hero. Not too many people today would have done what you have done. You will be blessed. I wonder how the kitty got there and who put the chip bag on the kittens face. But, thank you for what you have done. I hope the kitty is safe now. God bless you!!

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