14 thoughts on “Num Num Num Cat”

  1. SO glad my Oscar only does that to furry jumpers and rugs. Don’t know how I’d cope with a kitty who made such a fuss of his paw!

  2. One of my brothers has a cat that suckles on one of her own nipples! It’s so funny to see her folded over and making that noise!

  3. – I did not think I could love black kittehs and lil paws anymore than I already do, but it just happened! 🙂

  4. awwwww!! s/he is using their own paws as a pacifier!! i just fostered a black kitten who was separated from his mom during a bad storm. i bottlefed him and my sharpei/lab mix pottied and groomed him. he LOVES sucking fingers!! a dear friend adopted him and he follows her around grabbing her fingers to suck. she gets no work done anymore. if only he’d learn from this kitty!!!!

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