Now You and Your Cat Can Share the Same Food

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Image source: Duck Lover via Flickr
Image source: Duck Lover via Flickr

You share a lot of things with your cat. You likely share your couch with him, and some lucky cats even get to share their owners’ bed. Chances are that you’ve probably given your cat bit of your tuna fish sandwich, too.

Thanks to the work of a Japanese company called Neco Republic, now you and your cat can even share the same food. As long as you enjoy seafood, that is. The company now offers treats which are identified as being safe for both humans and cats to eat. Choose from delectable dried herring and sardines, smoked bonito, or dried mackerel furikake. These snacks do not have added salt or other additives, making them a healthy choice for pets and owners, alike.

Neco Republic is a Japanese chain of cat cafes designed to promote the adoption of cats in need of homes. Apparently these cat food items have recently been added to the cafes’ menus, and are now available for order, too. The trend of cat cafes continues to grow, and has already proven itself to be an effective way to find new homes for rescue cats.

So, what do you think? Would you try out these cat treats with a twist? Do you think that your cat would like them?

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