Not So Shy Kitten To Skateboarder: Take Me Home, Please

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A tiny stray kitten found her rescuer when she walked up to a stranger,  introduced herself and asked for food.

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This is a story with a happy ending, but it might have turned out very differently if this tiny kitten had not been so brave, according to this report on the Animal Rescue Site and also on YouTube.

“Casey Shaw was spending his day on his skateboard when he came across a strange sight! A tiny abandoned kitten that was sniffling on the street walked straight up to him!”

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Casey scooped up the kitten, put her in a crate he found in his car, and drove straight to a vet, who diagnosed Margot with an upper respiratory infection and an eye infection. He made sure she got the medical attention she needed, and took her home, where she made a place for herself in Casey’s heart.

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