Noah’s Ark-Like Rescue Saves Hundreds of Pets From Fire

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(Image: CBC/Reuters)

More than 200 dogs and cats rescued from fire-ravaged Fort McMurray arrived at an emergency holding facility in Edmonton early Monday. Another truckload carrying exotic pets such as snakes, gerbils and guinea pigs will soon follow, according to a report by CBC News. “It was wonderful to see the truck pull up, and they started to pull the animals off,” said Roland Lines, Communications Manager with the Alberta SPCA, who spoke to CBC News. “People were very happy as they were unloading the truck.” Many were separated from their pets when the fire broke out and others were left behind in the frantic exodus.

(Image: Reuters)

Some people were separated from their pets by road closures when the fire broke out and many animals were left behind in the frantic exodus of 88,000 people forced to flee the fast-moving wildfire.

(Image: Alberta RCMP)

Firefighters, volunteers and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police have been providing food and water to pets large and small. And officers from the Alberta SPCA and the Calgary Humane Society have been hard at work removing abandoned animals. WestJet and Canadian North did their part by allowing families of evacuees to bring their dogs and cats along on flights to Calgary and Edmonton, according to BuzzFeed Canada.

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“People have just shown up with whatever they could grab, pets included,” said Lauren Stewart, a spokesperson for WestJet. One of the families of evacuees took their turtle.

(Image: Facebook/Carmen Allison)

Global News carried a story about one woman who drove to the rescue with two pick-up trucks and animal carriers. When Jacui Stordock heard about the animals that had been left behind, she and her friends  from Edmonton headed north to see what they could do, according to Global News. They came back with ten dogs, two cats and five kittens and brought them to the Edmonton Humane Society. “I know that if I had to leave my guys behind I would have wanted someone to go back and try and get them,” she said. Worried pet owners have been calling emergency lines asking for help. Animal welfare groups have saved and fostered dozens of animals, like Pastel the cat, featured in a Global News video report. Pastel was rescued after emergency road closures prevented Pastel’s owner from returning home to retrieve her cat.

(Image: Global News/YouTube)

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