No Bones About It, This Kitty Thinks He’s Slick

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chicken stealing 2

Cats have a way of being tricky that they cleverly like to try and disguise.  For example, this little kitty pretends to be in various sleep stages, perhaps “sleep reaching,” for the chicken that is sitting there, seemingly, for the taking.

Given that the prize is also on a bone, this a great opportunity to remind folks that cooked chicken bones should not be given to dogs and cats as they splinter and can cause issue.  In an  article on Furry Tips, it is explained that raw bones can provide excellent nutrients for cats, however, cooked chicken bones become brittle and the shards can cause damage to the stomach and intestines.

Still, we have to give this feline a big “A” for effort.  Good attempt, but foiled by the owner of the chicken.

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