Ninja the Cat is Found Two Days After Accidental 11 Story Fall

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Ninja with his relieved guardian

A cat from Vancouver, CA is said to live up to his name after taking an accidental tumble and going missing, then being found in good shape and acting his normal self once back at home.

Ninja lost his balance and fell 11 stories from his apartment’s balcony on Tuesday.  He disappeared for two days and was found hiding in some bushes on Thursday, scared and shaken up but not hurt. He was soon back to normal after his return home.

“It’s amazing,” said Alesha MacLellan, a pet detective with PetSearchers Canada, in a story in The Province. “Ninja obviously takes his name very seriously.”

When Ninja fell and disappeared, his guardian did not waste any time before calling for help. PetSearchers, along with volunteers from VOKRA (Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association) came out and looked for the missing cat. The woman also contacted animal hospitals and checked Craigslist.

“My neighbor knocked on my door and told me my cat had fallen. We ran down, but Ninja wasn’t there. We looked for hours, but there was not a trace,” the cat’s Guardian told The Province.

PetSearchers Canada maintains a Missing Pets in BC Facebook page, where they posted the story on Thursday, when Ninja was safely found and back with his guardian again, saying:

“Ninja is home safe!

“This poor little kitty fell 11 stories from his balcony in Vancouver the day before yesterday and quickly disappeared from sight. His owner was worried sick that he was injured and moved quickly getting help.

“A HUGE thank you to fantastic VOKRA (Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association) volunteers who spent hours and hours scouring the area yesterday afternoon and evening in search of Ninja. Al and Jed the bloodhound from Petsearchers Canada went out, assessed that Ninja was still in the area last night and left a trap overnight, with plans to return today and do a full search. When they got back on site today, they found Ninja hiding in some bushes.

“He appears to have no obvious injuries from his fall and is walking around like nothing happened; very happy to be home!

Ninja was checked out by his vet, who found that the cat was unharmed by the fall.


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