News Video for Axel: Cat Who Survived 20 Mile Ride

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Local TV news update on Axel, the New Hampshire cat who was discovered trapped with burned paws and belly in a car engine recently.

Fortunately, the tuxedo cat now named Axel who turned up meowing under the hood of a car as it parked at a Windham NH daycare facility has recovered nicely from his moderate burn injuries and will be adopted by a staff member of the local animal hospital which, by chance, is located across the street from the daycare.

News footage giving details on the story follows.

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  1. He’s doing great. Two nights ago he started jumping on the bed and sleeping with me. He’s gonna be just fine. Just needs a little love and patience and a few manners taught (by our other cats). A few more days, an you’ll never know he was ever a feral kitten. I’ll take a picture tommorow and post it.

  2. Me and Icy are just so happy to know Axel is OK and got adopted. We just love good news stories. Thanks for posting the video. Joyce and Icy

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