News Photographer Rescues Burned Kitten from Boles Wild Fire

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 A young cat rescued from a California wildfire by a news photographer is resting and receiving care at a nearby animal hospital as an appeal goes out to find his family..

KRCR News Channel 7 Chief Photographer Adam McAllister was on the scene shooting footage at the Boles Fire in Siskiyou County, California Monday night when he found a tiny, displaced burn victim – a burned young cat estimated to be about 6 months old – in the town of Weed.

Adam placed the kitten in his vehicle, took him back to the station, and then transferred him to Asher Animal Hospital in Redding.

VCA Asher Registered Veterinary Technician Jackie Lawrence, working an overnight shift, took care of the kitty, checking his vital signs and giving him emergency care upon his arrival. After getting checked out, kitty settled down for a much needed rest.

Jackie Lawrence noted in a Facebook comment: “He is the sweetest thing. He loves petting and attention – let’s find his family soon!”

Kitty is receiving pain medication, eyes drops and antibiotics for his injuries and the effects of smoke and fire, and is expected to make a full recovery.

Channel 7 covered the story, and spoke with Dr. Larry Correia, D.V.M., who examined the kitten.

“It’s kind of scorched, it got burnt whiskers, sore feet and is kind of losing skin off his feet. It smells really smoky, his eyes are irritated and some smoke damage there, but respiratory wise it seems pretty good,” said Dr. Correia.

VCA Asher Animal Hospital made an update on the kitty at Facebook on Tuesday, saying: “Boles fire kitten is resting comfortably after treatment for injuries resulting from the fire. He has clearly been loved and cared for up to this point…please share [a photo posted to the page] to help his owners find him!”

VCA Asher Animal Hospital is making updates on the Boles fire kitty at Facebook.

You can see KRCR News Channel 7 video from the Boles fire, giving a look at a burned residential area, HERE.


Kitty rests on some equipment in the vehicle after being rescued by Adam McAllister.








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