News Crew Calls Firefighters to Rescue Kitten From Tree

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Local CBS news affiliate THVTV was on the scene in a Louisville KY neighborhood when a small crowd standing at the foot of a tree got them to call the fire department for a kitten stuck 4 stories above the ground. Firefighters came and made the rescue.

Firefighters did not just come, however, they showed up in full force, with two fire trucks, more than 10 firefighters, a battalion chief and a two captains, all there to get the kitten to safety.

One firefighter told the news crew that kitten-up-tree rescues do not happen every day for the Louisville FD.

The news crew stayed to record the rescue and the following THV cclip shows what happened.

12 thoughts on “News Crew Calls Firefighters to Rescue Kitten From Tree”

  1. I don’t know who’s cuter, the fireman or the kitten. But I would like to meet and cuddle them both to find out.

  2. Wonderful work, Firefighters! Does anyone know where this kitten came from? Was it someone’s pet? Another reminder to keep our kitties indoors ALWAYS if so…Hope someone adopts him asap!!

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