Newborn Kittens Left in Paper Bag at McDonald’s

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These four newborn kittens were stuffed in a takeaway bag and left on a dining table at a McDonald’s in Australia.

A McDonald’s employee found the bag of two-day-old kittens, according to the report in the Sunday Morning Herald.

Just Cats of Tasmania founder Rachel Beech described the dumping as the “worst case we’ve ever had.” The tiny kittens were taken to a veterinarian before they were entrusted to a Just Cats foster caregiver,  Caroline Dare of Devonport, who is pictured holding the kittens.

Beech said the kittens still had their umbilical cords attached. She said was  concerned for the kittens’ mother. Since  her milk supply was not being used, the mother cat becoming pregnant again in eight weeks.

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