New Town Bylaw Targets People Who Dump Pets

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Possibly the first of its kind in Ontario, Canada, a new bylaw in the town of Essex is aimed at people who dump their pets on the side of the road.

According to the law, if someone wants to report a person dumping a pet in the area, they must obtain a description of the vehicle and the license plate number. They should then relay the information to a bylaw enforcement officer.  The current maximum fine is $500 — all of which is donated to the Humane Society.

“It’s out in rural areas like this where most unwanted pets are abandoned, places … just outside Essex,” said Dale Siefker, a longtime resident of the area. “I’ve actually even seen people drop them off in bags, in garbage bags — with cats in them,” Siefker said.

The executive director of the Windsor-Essex Humane Society, Melanie Coulter, is pleased with the new bylaw and believes it is a step forward in animal advocacy. “As far as we could tell, this is the first bylaw [like it] in Ontario. We looked for a similar one, and were unable to find one. And this really gives us tools that provincial and federal animal welfare [laws don’t], because it makes it a lot easier to hold someone responsible. So if your vehicle is used to abandon an animal, you’re going to be held responsible.”

On the other hand, the Mayor of Essex, Ron McDermott isn’t quite as optimistic in the future success rate of the new bylaw.  “I wouldn’t think so. You know, most of these times they happen after dark. You happen to be driving by and see it? How often will that happen?”

What McDermott and Coulter can agree on is that the bylaw will be a warning and deterrent to possible violators, hopefully at least reducing the number of incidents.

7 thoughts on “New Town Bylaw Targets People Who Dump Pets”

  1. they need to tell those dingbats to drop them off at an animal shelter, that’s what they are for!!!!!

  2. This is how I got my cat—he’s was dumped outside by a neighbor next to their bag of garbage.

  3. My oldest cat named Trixie was a throwaway kitten when I got her from a friend.She has become well adjusted and turned out to be one beautiful kittty.

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