New Orleans Area Thrift and Gift Shop Will Help Homeless Animals

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Photo: ihasb33r, Flckr Creative Commons

Today, Spaymart’s Thrift and Gift store opens in the New Orleans suburb of Metairie and every penny raised will help the program’s spay/neuter programs.

Lynn Chiche, co-founder and heart of Spaymart, a non-profit group whose mission is combatting pet overpopulation in the New Orleans area, has been running a cat sanctuary in Mississippi since her home was taken in the Hurricane Katrina tragedy. The sanctuary was a refuge for Katrina kitties and victims of abuse. After transporting and adopting out many of them, she is down to 275 adult cats, most of them seniors. “Some of them aren’t adoptable, but a good 150 or 200 would make fabulous pets,” she says.

Not only is Thrift and Gift a great store supporting an even greater cause, Chiche created the Linda Graf Second Chance Adoption Center within the store. Selected senior cats will be featured and available for adoption. “This will be a chance for our older cats to finally get a home,” she says. “They’ve been at the sanctuary way too long.”

Additionally, Spaymart will offer a program called “Senior Cats for Senior Citizens.” They will waive all adoption fees for seniors and pay all medical bills. The seniors just need to provide food, litter, and lots of love. Seniors who may be apprehensive will be encouraged to try fostering first. “I think it will be a win-win for the people and the cats,” Chiche says.

Spaymart’s new store is located in the Century Plaza Shopping Center at 6601 Veterans Blvd, in Metairie.

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  1. Awwwwww, who is this sweet girl? She has two different eye colors just like my Icy. Is she up for adoption?

  2. Hi Joyce, I accidentally commented under my husband’s id. Yes, this kitty is gorgeous! She is from a public domain stock photo I found to go along with the story.

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