New Kids’ Book Teaches Pet Responsibility

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“The Outdoor Adventure of Liza and Louie,” recently published in paperback and on Kindle, emphasizes the importance of pet tags and microchipping.

When two curious cats, Liza and Louie, escape through a back door that was accidentally left open, their dreams of living the outdoor life are realized. Their adventures take them through the backyard and beyond, as they experience a series of unforeseen adventures. Thanks to the information on their pet tags, they are safely returned home at the end of the story.

Paul Myrick, Denver author and noted illustrator of the children’s book, says “My intention was to write and illustrate a curious, yet educational children’s book that parents and kids would enjoy sharing and is the perfect bedtime story. Additionally, as many children begin to have pets, this book emphasizes the importance of having up-to-date tag and microchip information so in the event a dog or cat escapes, they can be returned to their home.”

The book is available on Amazon and adults and kids alike can visit the adventurous twosome on their site as well as Facebook.

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