New Jersey Community Helps 37 Cats and 1 Dog in Need

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Christmas is a tight time of year, financially, for anyone, but when 37 cats and 1 dog needed help, a New Jersey community stepped up to the plate.

The Byram Animal Rescue Kindness Squad, or BARKS, received an email just before Christmas explaining that an animal owner was no longer able to care for their pets. The caveat? There were more than 40 pets in the household, in an animal hoarding situation.

BARKS started removing animals from the home on December 23rd, and continued the process after Christmas. Currently the animals are being evaluated and treated, and will be put up for adoption as they become ready. Some of the cats will be family cats, but most of them will be outdoor cats.

Taking in such a large number of animals can strain any shelter’s resources, and the community is stepping up to help. BARKS has received donations of food, cat litter, and money, all of which are vital in ensuring these animals receive the care they need. There have even been a number of adoption applications, all of which will be necessary to get these animals into new homes.

The process isn’t over yet – there are another 10 or more animals in the home, but the BARKS shelter only had room for the animals they’ve taken in so far. When more room is available, those animals will come to the shelter. BARKS has provided the owner with food and supplies to care for the 10 animals in the meantime.

Want to help out? Visit for information on how you can donate and help these rescue animals. And be sure to keep an eye out on the animals available for adoption if you’re looking for a new family member.

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