New Cat-Attracting Pants Will Make You Popular With Cats

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Image source: Felissimo
Image source: Felissimo

Tired of wishing that your cat would sit in your lap? Or maybe you’d like your cat to acknowledge you when you walk in the door. There’s a new invention out there for the cat lover who doesn’t naturally attract cats. New cat-attracting pants can get you the attention from your cat that you yearn for.

Do you remember the bottled spray that was supposed to resemble the scent of a cat’s forehead? That spray was made by Felissimo, the same company which is producing these cat-attracting pants. According to the pants’ product description, if you “wear the jeans,” “you will become popular among cats.”

The jeans sport a tough, durable fabric which is double-layered on the front of the pants to help prevent cat claws from puncturing the pants and your skin. The pants have cute cat-shaped embroidery on a pocket, and they come with a tail – yes, a tail – so that you can play with your cats.

What do you think – will you be ordering a pair of these pants?

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