Nelson & Merrill: One Eyed Cat Finds the Perfect Home

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vdofoiohoghiNelson, the one-eyed pirate cat, makes his on-screen debut in this episode of The Sidekick Series of video stories about rescued pets and their families.

Nelson’s human, Merrill, felt a connection to this seemingly unfriendly furball and despite his traumatic past, living in a hoarding situation, he’s developed the best personality.

Anybody who’s lived with Nelson has loved him and we’re certain you will fall in love with this cute face too!


2 thoughts on “Nelson & Merrill: One Eyed Cat Finds the Perfect Home”

  1. don’t agree with what she says about shelter situations but then again it could be that I am prejudice as I work in a shelter and it is as clean as a hospital and we love our cats so much. every week we have volunteers come in who get the kitties out and socialize them. and we have over 200 cats. we have a lot of volunteers! and us workers love all our cats. we know them all by name and can see their attitude change once they get in the shelter..

  2. Hi Nancy,
    That comment made me uncomfortable too, because it was too generalized. As we know, there are terrible shelters and there are wonderful shelters; they are not all the same.

    Thank you for writing to say how great yours is!

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