Neighbors Rescue Kittens and Puppies From Abusive Home

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Neighbors of a woman said to have subjected kittens and puppies at her Argyle, NY trailer park home with cruelty and neglect recently removed animals from a bad situation when authorities declined to enter the trailer. The neighbors say this is not the first time they have saved kittens and puppies that the person threatened to kill, or did not care for properly.

This story of abuse and neglect is also a story of people stepping up to help defenseless animals instead of minding their own business and following the law while the animals suffered and died. Neighbors have rescued and rehomed kittens and puppies that needed help, and a county animal control officer has stated that the rescuers acted with good intentions in the best interests of the animals.

While the most recent rescue involved breaking in to the trailer to save dogs that had been taped into a shower stall, past rescues have saved kittens left on their own outside the trailer and kittens and puppies kept in a cage outside, reportedly in preparation for meeting a terrible end.

Neighbors say the resident of the trailer has not occupied it in “quite a while”, and the trailer will be towed away soon. Washington County Animal Control Officer Ed Holland said he did not have authority to enter the trailer and a sheriff’s deputy called to the park on Saturday decided not to go inside. Holland said he thinks the rescuers are protected from prosecution under the Good Samaritan Act. Local attorney Arnold Proskin was not so sure the rescuers were protected by the act but said that during his time as a district attorney he would have decline to prosecute because of the rescuers good intentions.

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  1. I applaud the actions of the neighbors. They did the right thing and I hope there isn’t a prosecuter in this country who would charge them with a crime. The abuser should get the book thrown at her.

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